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Wood Refinishing and Finishing

Wood is an amazing material, there is so much flexibility with it. It can be crafted into almost an endless number of shapes and finished an even more ways. The most common ways it is finished are staining and varnishing it, sealing it or painting it  

We can work with you to find the look your wanting then turn that look into a reality. Whether it is a current deck, fence or pergola that needs to be repainted, resealed or stained or a brand new one that is getting finished for the first time it can look how you want it to.  It is very important to keep the exterior wood finished to help prevent rot, plus it looks better too

Wood inside the house needs to be finished too. It could be existing cabinets that need a new look, the trim work and doors or a piece of furniture, there is wood everywhere. Sometimes staining it to change the color, sealing it to keep the natural color and other times painting it to completely change the color will make the nicest finish that fits with the rest of your home 

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