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About Us

How We Operate -

Before Construction

After you contact us the first step is to start getting information about your goals for you project. Once we have a bit more information we will establish budget and approximate project cost and determine it is something we will be able to help you with on then we will schedule a time to meet. At the meeting we will walkthrough the project with you and to get more information on what you want completed, work on getting a design together and take a lot of measurement. After we are done we will type of a exact project proposal and email it to you. From there we can adjust it to finalize all the design details and get your project scheduled. 

During Construction

A few days before we start we will call to get all the utilities marked. Safety is extremely important and our crew members all have there own personals safety gear and take measures to make sure the crew, homeowner, neighbors and traffic are all stay safe.

All landscaping projects require a certain amount of equipment that all landscapers use every day. We have all those plus we have lots of specialized tools and equipment that most companies don't have. They all help make the project physically easier on the crew, improve the project quality and reduce the time it takes to build. Every year we purchase thousands of dollars of specialized tools and equipment to help do that and stay up to date on the newest tools and technology's available to landscapers and hardscapers. 

As we build the the project we will keep you up to date on the progress to make sure it is meeting your expectations. If we don't see you during the day when we are building a lot of times we will send you a quick email that night to help keep you up to date on the progress. We want to make sure any questions you have get answered as we go and the final results turn out looking how you wanted. 

After Construction 

After the project is complete it is time to clean up. Landscaping and construction are dirty work so the cleaning up takes time but we always do it. All the debris and trash gets hauled away so that once we load up the equipment everything is ready to go for you to enjoy.  

Once we have left if any questions or issues come up let us know so we can fix them and get them answered. 

About The Crew - 


Free time

The men and women working in our company have a lot of different hobbies. The two most common are woodworking and working on vehicles and snowmobiles/four wheelers. 

A few other hobbies are kayaking, rock climbing, hunting and fishing, cooking and camping 

Goals being worked towards

The different people in out company have a variety of goals they are working towards but their are two main goals. The people who are not in college right now are working towards buying houses and other investments. The people who are in college are working towards being able to complete college debt free. 

Crew Working5
Crew Working3
Crew Working1
Crew Working4

About Owner Jacob Keifenheim -


Free time

In my free time I enjoy woodworking, gardening, cooking, reading and being outside. Basically anything that involves the outdoors I like. I find it interesting to read about new technology that are being developed as well American history. When traveling I enjoy going to different campgrounds, state parks and the boundary waters. When I am at the different campgrounds I like to bike, hike in the woods and go out on the water to boating, canoeing and kayaking around.

How I got started in landscaping and construction

I have always enjoyed building things. I got started in landscaping because my neighbors asked me to do a projects. Once the first project was complete more neighbors asked and it continued to expand from there. As I started doing more projects I did lots of research, took classes, worked for industry experts and talked to manufactures to find the best material and installation practices so I could make sure they will last for year. Over that time I started learning about business and decided I could run my own company. 

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