About Us

About The Crew - 


Free time

The men and women working in our company have a lot of different hobbies. The two most common are woodworking and working on vehicles and snowmobiles/four wheelers. 

A few other hobbies are kayaking, rock climbing, hunting and fishing, cooking and camping 

Goals being worked towards

The different people in out company have a variety of goals they are working towards but their are two main goals. The people who are not in college right now are saving towards buying houses and other investments for the future. The people who are in college are working towards making enough each summer to be able to complete college debt free. 

About Owner Jacob Keifenheim -


Free time

In my free time I enjoy woodworking, cooking, reading and being outside. Basically anything that involves working with wood I like to do. I find it interesting to read about new technology that are being developed as well American history. When traveling I enjoy going to different campgrounds, state parks and the boundary waters. When I am at the different campgrounds I like to bike, hike in the woods and go out on the water to boating, canoeing and kayaking around.

How I got started in landscaping and construction

I have always enjoyed building things. I got started in landscaping because my neighbors asked me to do a projects. Once the first project was complete more neighbors asked and it continued to expand from there. As I started doing more projects I did lots of research, took classes, worked for industry experts and talked to manufactures to find the best material and installation practices so I could make sure they will last for year. Over that time I started learning about business and decided I could run my own company. 

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