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About Owner Jacob Keifenheim -


Free time

In my free time I enjoy woodworking, reading and being outside. Basically anything that involves working with wood I like to do. I find it interesting to read about new technology that is being developed as well American history. I enjoy going to different campgrounds and state parks too. I find it amazing the beauty and tranquility of being outside and hiking in the woods. When I am there I like to bike, hike in the woods and go out on the water to canoeing and kayaking around. Over the last few years I have taken a trip to the boundary waters each summer.


How I got started in landscaping

I have always enjoyed building things. I got started in landscaping because my neighbors asked me to do a projects. Once the first project was complete more neighbors asked and it continued to expand from there. As I started doing more projects I did lots of research before each one to find the best material and installation practices so I could make sure they will last for year. Over that time I started learning about business and decided I could run my own business. 

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636 Heinel Drive Roseville, Minnesota 55113

2019 DMU Certified Contractor