Sod is a great way to instantly make your yard look the best on the block. The major benefit of sod over grass seed is the lawn is instantly green (it needs LOTS of water to stay that way).  For sod to grow it must be installed on bare dirt, none of the old grass can be left. It is amazing how fast a bare and brown yard can turn into a thick green lawn with new sod. (Just make sure to water it)

Sod Installation In Saint Paul MN

Sod Installation In Little Canada MN

An advantage of sod is the area is immediately grass and there is no longer exposed dirt. Seed is good because it cost less and can easily be completed but it leaves the dirt and seed subject to washing away. We can repair small sections of the yard to replace high traffic areas that are now almost bare. If the entire yard looks bad and is bare and full of weeds we can start fresh and create a brand new yard for you. 

Sod Installation In Maplewood MN 

After a new addition or on new house construction the yard is always a mess. We enjoy turning your yard from a muddy mess to a nice usable yard space. After the home construction is completed it is important to make sure all the trash is cleaned up and black dirt is installed. That way there is a layer of organic materiel for the new sod to take root in. We can complete the entire landscaping process for your newly built home. We will work with you to take your new home from bare dirt and add the landscape beds paver patios and walkways then finish everything up with the black dirt and new sod. 

Like most landscaping and hardscaping services it is all in the base. We always remove all of the old yard first. Depending on the situation we loosen the soil up or install black dirt. If you do not have a sprinkler system we have found it is beneficial to get a timer for the sprinkler so it can go on when no one is home too. New sod will instantly make your yard look amazing. 

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