Paver Walkways

Pavers have practically endless design opportunity. Pavers allow more creativity to go into a walkways design then traditional walkways which are normally all the same color and mostly straight with 90 degree angles. Pavers allow us to easily put different colors, patterns and curves throughout the sidewalk. Curves and circles and angles can be incorporated into the walkway to make it more appealing to look at then a traditional straight line. When properly installed pavers last a long time. They are one of the oldest forms of road paving humans have built. 

Paver Walkway In Arden Hills MN

Paver Walkway in Maplewood MN

Paver Walkway in White Bear Lake MN

If you already have a design for your new paver walkway we can install that or we can help come up with a design to install. The key to having a successful paver project is the base material. Having the proper amounts of base rock and sand as well as compacting everything will help lead to a paver walkway looking the same today as years form now.  Once the paver walkway is installed we have a variety of different landscaping services available to finish the surrounding area such as new flower beds, shrub beds or sod

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