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Brush Clearing and Removal

Brush clearing is a messy job. Removing overgrown shrubs is one of the quickest ways to clean up any landscape. Cutting shrubs off and digging them out are the two most common ways to clear them out. Cutting branches off is the most cost effective method to clear it out but digging them out is the most efficient method to remove shrubs and prevent them from growing back   

Shrub Removal In Little Canada MN

Shrub Removal In Little Canada MN

Brush Hauling In Saint Paul MN

Before Dumping Brush

Brush Removal In Saint Paul MN

After Dumping Brush

Brush Removal In Saint Paul MN

  • Shrub Trimming

    • Sometimes trimming off a few branches and cutting off the over grown parts is enough to clean the shrubs up and improve how they look

  • Shrub and Brush Removal

    • Sometimes shrubs and brush have gotten to the point they are so big or overgrown that they need to be cleared out. Once it is cleared out it the area is ready for building on, sodding it and turning into yard space or planting new shrub beds. ​

  • Stump Grinding

    • Occasionally stumps are to big or not in a position where they can be dug out. When that is the situation stump grinding is the best method to clear out and remove tree stumps and big shrub stumps. Once they are ground out it allows the spot to be turned into useable space again, most often that includes cleaning up the shavings filling in the hole with dirt then spreading black dirt and sodding it​

  • Brush Removal and Yard Waste Removal

    • If you have cleared out brush yourself or general yard waste and need it hauled away we can do that. Our trailers are big so we can haul a lot of brush at once saving you multiple trips to the dump and a mess. We can load up and dispose of the brush and yard waste. ​

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