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Shrub Beds

Shrub Beds are a beautiful addition to any home. They can help make man made structure like homes and driveways blend naturally into the landscape. When decide on where to install a shrub beds it is important to think about where you will be looking at it from. Is it something that will be looked at from inside the house or just outside. When we are designing the shrub bed it is crucial aspect to take into consideration. 

Shrub Bed In New Brighton MN

Shrub Bed With Brown Mulch In New Brighton MN

Shrub Bed in New Brighton MN

Shrub Bed With Brown Mulch In New Brighton MN

When installing the new shrub bed the first step is pick out the shrubs and any flowers that are going to go with it. We can help decide on what shrubs and flowers to use and help complete your landscape design. If you already have the plants picked out we can just install them too. If you are having a hard time deciding on what plants to use a great way to help decided is to go to a nursery and look around. This can help with the visualization of what it will look like once the garden installation is completed. Once the new shrubs are installed we need to finish the rest of the shrub bed. We have multiple different kinds of mulch landscaping rock and garden edging available to help bring it all together.

Shrub Bed with Cedar Mulch In Roseville MN

Shrub Bed with Cedar Mulch In Roseville MN

Installing shrubs can be the finishing touch to any landscape. Shrubs offer the unique ability of being able to keep their look year round. In the spring, summer and fall the shrubs can help make the flowers stand out bring the entire garden together into one beautiful bed. Where the shrubs really stand on in the landscape design is the winter, when all the flowers are dormant and bland the shrubs are still standing tall helping the garden have color and texture even in the winter.

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