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Hardscapes are something that can instantly turn an average landscape into an amazing landscaping design that stands out for years to come. There is an endless amount of different types of hardscaping products. Every landscape supply dealer and home improvement store seems to have there own brand they sell. It can be overwhelming trying to find one that looks good but also will function and last for the intended purpose. We are familiar with multiple different products and can help you decided on which one will work best. One thing is similar among all the products, they all require installing a good base to build on. Once we have created a design the fits your vision we are ready to install the new hardscape to create your dream outdoor living area.

Versa-lok Weathered Retaining Wall In Ro

Versa-lok Weathered Retaining Wall In Roseville MN

Versa-lok Retaining Wall In North Saint Paul MN

Versa-lok Retaining Wall In North Saint Paul MN

What is a hardscape?

Hardscapes are the hard stuff that doesn't grow and change year to year. Some examples that are common in almost every landscapes are driveways and walkways. Some great upgrades to the hardscaping that help it stand out are paver walkways and patios, retaining walls and decks. Those are just a few examples, there are many, many more different types of hardscapes available that we can add to make your landscape function and look amazing.

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