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Pavers give us practically endless design opportunity. Pavers allow more creativity to go into a patios design then traditional concrete patios which are normally all the same color with lots of straight lines and 90 degree angles. Pavers allow us to incorporate different colors, patterns, curvees and circles throughout the patio area. Curves and circles and different angles can be incorporated thought the paver patio to give it a unique shape or fit in previously unsaleable areas. Concrete pavers come in a variety of size too which helps make your paver patio even more unique. A combination of smaller and bigger pavers creates a unique contrast in the patios design.  When built properly pavers last longer then a concrete or asphalt patio and driveways. 

Brickstone Paver Patio in Roseville MN

Raised Paver Patio in Hugo MN

Sitting around a camp fire is not something that is reserved exclusively for vacations. A common spot for the fire pits is on a paver patio or in the grass near one. They can become a focal point for socializing and entertaining in the yard. There are multiple different types of fire pits available too. In ground steel fire ring and block fire pits are two great option. We have cooking grates that can be installed with the fire pit so you can enjoy cooking outside. 

Cobblestone Paver Patio in White Bear Lake MN

Fire Pit in Roseville MN

If you already have a design for your new paver patio we can install that or we can help come up with a brand new design to install. Unlike concrete patios every paver patio is unique and can be customized and personalized to your liking. In addition to the paver patio seating walls and fire pits can help bring the area together and help if become to focal point for outdoor entertainment. 

The key to having a successful paver patio is the base material. Having the proper amounts of rock and sand as well as compacting everything will help lead to a paver patio that looks the same the day it is done as years form now.  Once the paver patio is installed we have a variety of different landscaping services available to finish the surrounding area such as new flower beds, shrub beds and sod

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