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Landscaping Rock

Landscaping rock is a great decorative addition to the perimeter of your house or any decorative garden beds in the yard. One of the biggest benefits of landscaping rock is it last for ever. That means the new landscape rock will help eliminate the long term maintenance needed to keep your landscaping looking great for years to come. We have a variety of different types of landscaping rocks available for installation. Lots of our clients gravitate towards the multi colored look of the river rock. If that is not for you, don't worry, we buy our rock from multiple landscape rock suppliers so we have lots more options to pick from. 

Before the new rock gets installed it is important to make sure the grade around the perimeter of the house is correct. It is very important we make sure the dirt is sloping away from the house so the water will flow away from the foundation. Once the grade is sloped correctly it is time to install the new decorative landscaping rock to help improve the landscapes beauty and reduce the outdoor maintenance.  

Limestone Landscaping Rock in Vadnais Heights MN

Limestone Landscaping Rock in Vadnais Heights MN

River Rock with Bullet Block Edging in R

River Rock with Bullet Block Edging in Roseville MN

River Landscape Rock in Hugo MN

River Landscape Rock in Hugo MN

River Rock In Little Canada MN

River Rock in Little Canada MN

Landscape Rock vs Mulch 

Once landscaping rock is installed it lasts forever and does not need to be refilled every few years like wood mulch does. - Win for landscaping rock - 

Mulch cost less then landscaping rock for the first installation but long term cost more than decorative landscaping rock. - Tie - 

Both landscaping rock and mulch have seemingly endless options to pick from. - Tie -

Mulch is very light so it is easier to install then landscape rock which is heavy. - Win for mulch -


Both landscaping rock and mulch have some benefits and some drawbacks. Overall they are both good options to use in your landscape. If you plan on being in your house for more then a couple years and want lower maintenance landscape rock can be the better route. If you are planning on selling soon new mulch is a good, more cost effective way to improve the curb appeal before selling

Weed Barrier Fabric In North Saint Paul

Weed Barrier Fabric is installed before the new River Rock gets installed in North Saint Paul MN

River Rock In North Saint Paul MN

River Rock gets installed after the weed barrier fabric is completed in North Saint Paul MN

There is seamlessly an endless number of rock choice to pick from. Our most popular type is river rock. Some other popular types are Bryan Red Rock, Limestone Rock, Gray Trap and St. Cloud Granite Rock. 1.5 inch and 0.75 inch sizes are the most commonly used sizes when installing new landscaping rock around a house. There are many more types available too if those do not look perfect with your house. New decorative landscaping rock will drastically increase the curb appeal of your house. 

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