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Retaining walls can easily be over looked but are a critical part of your landscape. No one would put a roof on a house if there are not walls to hold it up. The same goes for retaining walls a great landscape doesn't do any good if the retaining wall is not built to hold it up. Modular blocks such as Versa-lok, boulders and wood timbers are the main three types of material for new retaining walls are built from. Each type has benefits in different situations. In some situation they are all practical solutions but in other situation a boulder retaining wall my have benefits over a block retaining wall or a timber retaining wall.

Versa-lok Retaining Walls with Sod in Roseville MN

Engineered Retaining Wall Versa-lok in Roseville MN

Retaining walls do not look complicated, its just staking blocks right? No, that is very, very wrong. To build a long lasting retaining wall the first step is lots of digging. They need a solid gravel foundation, buried blocks and clean 3/4 angular rocks for drainage behind the wall. In some circumstance they also require engineers to design them. It is always better to over build a retaining wall then under build it and have it fail. It is less expensive to build it properly the first time then to try to save a few dollars and have to replace it in a couple of years. When done properly retaining walls add a good looking, well built and long lasting addition to your home. Once the retaining wall is completed we can also finish up the area in front and above it with a variety of landscaping services such as new sod, landscaping rock or mulch

Boulder Retaining Wall in Arden Hills MN

Boulder Retaining Wall in Little Canada MN

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