New mulch is a great addition to the perimeter of your house or any decorative flower and garden beds through out the yard. One of the major benefits of mulch installation is the new mulch helps keep the moisture and nutrients in the soil. This can help and flowers and shrubs thrive.  We have a variety of different types of mulch available for installation. Lots of our clients gravitate towards the the cedar mulch as well as brown colored mulch. Don't worry if that won't look right at your house, there are lots more options to pick from. 

Brown Mulch In Woodbury MN

Cedar Mulch In Roseville MN

There is seamlessly an endless number of mulch types to pick from. Our most popular type is cedar mulch, our second most popular type is brown colored mulch. Some other popular types are shredded hardwood mulch, red colored mulch, gold colored mulch, and cypress mulch. We also have specialty mulches available such as bark mulch, pine mulch, playground wood chips and rubber mulch available as well. Those are some common ones but there are are almost endless other types available too if those do not look perfect with your house.

After the new mulch is installed it will drastically improve the curb appeal of your house. 

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