Unfortunately water does not always go away from your house how we would like and sometimes wet basements and muddy yards are the result. If the dirt along the foundation or in the yard has settled or worse yet was not graded properly when it was built so it can create major issues especially if it is directing the water towards the house. Broken or disconnected gutter drain spots as well as concrete settling and cracking are the other common ways water gets into the house. Often times wet basements can be prevented as easily as regrading a small section along the house or removing concrete that is trapping water by the house.

When we are grading an area it is very important to check everything with a laser level. This measures the different heights of the area so we make sure the water flows where it needs to. 

Class 5 Gravel Driveway in Hugo MN

Class 5 Gravel Driveway in Hugo MN

Class 5 Gravel Parking Pad in Hugo MN

Class 5 Gravel Parking Pad in Hugo MN

Side Of House Regraded In Saint Paul MN

Side Of House Regraded In Saint Paul MN 

Low Spot Regraded With Black Dirt In Roseville MN

A Low Spot Is Regraded With Black Dirt In Roseville MN

Gravel driveways, parking lots, and parking spots can be great alternative to parking on dirt. When building a new area it is important to make sure the dirt under the area is sloped so the water flows where we want it too. After we are certain the water is going where we want it to we can install road base fabric to help strengthen the gravel and keep it out of the dirt. From there we can install the gravel and compact it so you can have a functioning area to drive on. Class 5 is a common material used but we also have bigger size available if your situation requires bigger rocks. 

If you already have an existing area that over time has worn down and needs some more gravel we can top coat the gravel and fill in ruts to help bring it back to its original condition.

Class 5 Parking Pad

A class 5 Parking Spot Is Installed For a Camper To Be Parking On

Garden Black Dirt Before
Garden Black Dirt After

Black Dirt Was Delivered And Spread In The Homeowners Garden To Improve The Water Retention

Once the water is flowing where it needs to go we need to restore the area back to normal. If it is yard space we can install sod or grass seed to turn it back into grassy yard space. If we needed to remove a concrete patio or sidewalk we can install a new paver patio or walkway to give you a new, properly graded patio and sidewalk. 

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