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Limited Access Excavations-

Often times there is extremely limited access to get to where the digging needs to take place. We have specialized miniature equipment that allows us to use powered equipment to complete your excavation project when hand labor is the only other option. The mini excavators, mini skid steers and ride on gas powered wheelbarrows we use allows us squeezing in between houses, under decks, through fences, around trees, between garages and retaining walls and any other tight places dirt needs to be moved. This allows us to dig house additions, deck footing, swimming pools, remove extra dirt and level and expand back yards. Once all the dirt is moved we can haul it away if it is not need somewhere else on your project. Some of our trucks and trailers are even able to get in alley ways and maneuver under low tree branches and power lines


We also have the capacity to handle your bigger excavation and dirt moving needs. If access is not a problem we can bring in bigger equipment to complete your excavation project quicker and more efficiently. Whether you are building a new home or business that needs the basement and footing dug or are adding onto to your existing home or business. New building and additions are not the only time excavation is needed. After the dirt is moved the next step is compaction, so that the dirt and rock that stays is solid and ready to build on.

Regrade to fix water problems, building new driveways, parking lots, bard and shed pads, installing ponds, creating rain gardens and expanding the usable yard space are all common excavation projects. Those are just a few of the common excavations needs but there is almost endless other reasons excavation is completed. Once all the excavation is completed we will haul all the extra dirt away with anything from dump trailers and dump trucks to dumpsters or semi trucks depending on the amount that needs to go and how much room there is to work

Driveway Excavation in Forest Lake MN

Driveway Excavation and compaction in Forest Lake MN

Excavation in White Bear Lake MN

Excavation in White Bear Lake MN

There are so many reason for excavation to get done at your home or business, home additions, new construction, water problems, expanding the usable yard, driveways, parking lots and parking space as well as almost endless other reasons. Many time excavations involves moving lots of dirt in wide open space. We can take care of your mass dirt moving needs but also have the unique capacity to handle your excavation and dirt work needs in tight spaces.

Once all the dirt and rock moving is completed our landscaping crew can come in and finish everything up with a brand new landscape beds, hard surfaces and grass to complete the restoration and erosion control phase of the project

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