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Storm Clean Up

Ideally the weather would be sunny every day but unfortunately that is not the reality If a storm happens we can clean up the yard after. If the debris are bigger we can saw up any debris on the ground. We also have the equipment to haul the debris too. Our goal is to make the storm as little of an inconvinece to you as possible.

Leaf and Debris Vacuum In Roseville MN

Debris Vacuum In Roseville MN

The debris vacuum is similar to a lawn mower but instead of grinding all the debris up and leaving it in the lawn we can vacuum it up and haul it away. Basically it is to the yard what a vacuum cleaner is to floors. 

Luckily most storms are not to severe and generally can be fully cleaned up after by blowing the debris from the flower beds, vacuuming the yard and hauling away the debris we removed. If is more sever and there is bigger debris we can saw it up into manageable sized parts for removal too.

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Storm Clean Up

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