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Anything thing that ever gets built will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. We have a wide variety of demolition services available to help start the process. Sometimes demolition is done to help with upgrades other times it is to remove structures that are no longer necessary. When preforming any demolition tasks the number one priority should always be safety. Wearing the proper safety equipment and using the proper tools greatly improves the odds of the task being completed safely.  

Concrete Driveway Demolition in Forest Lake MN

Concrete Driveway Demolition in Forest Lake MN

Concrete Demolition In Roseville MN

Concrete Removal In Roseville MN

Concrete Retaining Wall Removal in Saint Paul MN

Concrete Retaining Wall Removal in Saint Paul MN

Before Deck Removal In White Bear Lake MN


After Deck Removal In White Bear Lake MN


Deck Removal In White Bear Lake MN

Demolitions services available

  • Concrete and Asphalt Removal 

    • Patios, Walkways, Driveways. Once they are removed we can build a new one or turn the area back into usable yard space

  • Concrete Sawing and Asphalt Cutting

    • Cutting out and removing only a section of the ​patios, walkways or driveways. This is a common method to repair drainage issues that are only in one portion of the area

  • Fence and Deck Removal

    • Decks and fence overtime need to be replaced. When the wood rots on the fence or deck removing it and starting fresh is often need. Whether it is rotten, rusted or otherwise not need anymore we can remove them and take to concrete footing with it also. Then once everything is out we will have a fresh area to make into usable space for you again

  • Pool Demolition

    • If the pool has not been maintained and has become a eye sore to look at, much less a dangers obstacles we can take it out so you can get back to having a good looking and safe backyard. Once the pools is removed we always make sure all the debris is removed before filling it back in with dirt. Once it is all filled in and the dirt is compacted we can install sod to turn it into yard space or build a paver patio to give you a great entertainment area.

  • Building Demolitions

    • Unfortunately sometimes buildings get to a point where it is not worth repairing them​. Once the building has been removed it is important to make sure the debris goes to the proper place to be disposed of. After everything has been removed we can fill the hole in and turn it into functioning space again or dig a foundation for a new structure. 

  • Specialty Demolition

    • We have multiple other demolition services available. Contact us for information about specialized operations

Are you going to DIY your outdoor construction projects? We can help give you a head start by doing the very physical and dirty demolition work. We can also time it up so we complete the demolition during the work week so you have time to finish building the new stuff over the weekend. Some examples of the type of demolition we do are concrete and asphalt removal as well as fence and deck removal. Since we remove fences we have the tools to quickly come and remove that random post from the yard too. We also can remove old sidewalks, patios and driveways. If only a portion of the area needs to be removed we can bring our saw to cut the concrete. Whenever we are cutting concrete or removing it we always use water to help keep the dust down. 

We have the equipment to safely and efficiently remove and haul away the debris so there is an open space for whatever the future use will be. 

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