Garden Edging

New garden edging can help make the garden beds stand out. The clear lines of separation between yard and garden help make the beds stand out even more. Depending on the type of edging it can make it easier to mow the grass and practically eliminate the need for weed whipping. 

Black Vinyl Edging In North Saint Paul MN

Concrete Block Edging In Arden Hills MN

In both locations we filled the areas with landscaping rock. The rock we used in these beds was 1.5 inch river rock. 

We have a variety of different types of garden edging available. Black vinyl edging is a good separator to help keep the materials in the beds. One of our more popular types of edging is "edgerless edging". We use a bed redefining tool to make a shallow swale along the edge of the bed for the landscaping rock or mulch to sit down in. This solves the biggest disadvantage of black vinyl edging which is cracks. The best type of edging for separating the materials in the beds from the yard are concrete block edging. They also have the added benefit of running the lawnmower wheel on top of them which can eliminate the need for weed whipping. Another less common option to help with lawn mowing is wood garden edging. No mater what kind of garden edging gets installed it is a great finishing touch to any garden, flower or shrub beds. 

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Garden Edging

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